Easy Hacks to Sketch a Quality synthesis essay - 2021


So, you might be wondering how these synthesis essays work.

Well, to be honest, there is only one rule that you need to remember that you need to SYNTHESIZE the sources.

This is the backbone of such an essay. But I know that this is not enough to write an essay.

This is exactly why I have come up with some easy hacks for you to remember. Just have a look at them. It will be like taking instructions from an essay writer. Read what I have to say and you will know how to write your own essay.

So, let’s get going.

Hack #1: Spend Time on the Topic

The thing is that selecting the topic might as well be the most crucial thing you do. For a synthesis essay, you will need a topic that has loads of information on it. So that you can use lots of sources.

So, I think it’s best if you spend quite some time looking for the perfect topic. One that interests you and can make a good essay too.

Hack #2: And the Research Too

It’s not just that you need to scour the internet for the perfect topic.

Once you find that topic, you will need to do lots of research. First, you will do your basic research.

Then, you will look for sources that you can use in your essay. Then, of course, you will need to sort through them but more about that later.

Hack #3: Credibility of Sources

You must know that not all the sources that you use can be labeled as “credible” sources.

So, for example, you can’t cite my blog as a source. Sadly.

You need sources that seem authentic. These sources include websites like BBC or CNN. Or any other newspaper websites. 

The official government websites are also credible. Then you have journal articles.

Hack #4: Have a Look at the Citations

Once you have your sources, you will have to cite them in your essay.

So, it's best if you study the citation format that has been assigned to you. The most popular ones are MLA and APA but your professor can give you any style they want.

You need to learn to cite it properly if you want an A-grade essay.

Hack #5: Pick Relevant Information

The most terrible thing you can do in these essays is to not pick the correct information.

You see, your sources will have loads of information in it but it is up to you to pick out the most relevant information.

Then, you will analyze that information to prove your point. But if the information is irrelevant then your paper will come out as a weak one.

Hack #6: Don’t Skip Proofreading

This is CRUCIAL. I cannot stress this enough for you.

There are so many things that could go wrong. You could have missed an important point or cited the wrong source.

You are only human which means that you can make mistakes and it is up to you to correct them.

So, before you turn in your paper, proofread it thoroughly.

Bonus Hack: Use an Essay Writing Service

Look, if you don’t want to proofread then I suggest that you give it for proofreading. Find the cheapest essay writer service that you can find and ask them to proofread your paper. They will send you their suggestions and you can include them in the paper.

You can also ask them to correct the paper. Really, it’s up to you.

Do you want another idea?

You can also ask these services to write you a paper.

Let’s say that you are struggling and don’t know what goes inside your essay. Well, just place an order and you get a well-written essay.

Use this new essay to start your own. Simple.

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